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Dictation Paving the Way Forward for Record Keeping

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To further extend its digital capabilities, Provide Community has been encouraging its nurses to trial Dragon Medical One (DMO) a piece of medical dictation software that allows clinical staff to dictate directly into SystmOne records to update reports, emails and documents. Clinicians can also control the Electronic Patient Records (EPR)with their voices, such as opening and navigating templates.

During home visits, nurses are able to securely access patient records and speak to DMO to directly dictate notes into the records. There is even an option to pre-set phrases where the software will automate the content in advance. Nurses are now able to record decisions and interventions in real time without having to spend extra hours outside of patient visits writing up recorded notes.

Even with a limited number of staff who have been engaging with the DMO software during the trial, the top ten initial users have already saved159 hours’ worth of typing time–the equivalent of £3,000.There has also been evidence of improved record keeping in respect of clinical information and timeliness of recording.

Provide Community will be deploying additional trials over the coming months to encourage more colleagues to use the software.

Karen Wheeler, Senior Clinical Manager at Provide Community, said: Dragon Medical One’s purpose is for contemporaneous record keeping. You can be with your patient and record decisions and interventions in real time or straight after. It’s really good for report writing foryour service, clients or customers its excellent. We also have feedback that it’s really helpful for assignments.

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