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Voice of Compassion: Freedom to Speak Up

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At Provide Community, we cultivate an environment where empathy, care, and compassion flourish, not only for our patients and service users but also for our colleagues. We believe in fostering a culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to speak up.

Confronting Verbal Abuse

We strictly adhere to a no-tolerance policy against any form of verbal abuse, be it shouting, swearing, or manipulation. We urge all colleagues and service users to raise their voices if they encounter any inappropriate communication, irrespective of who the offender is or their role in the organisation.

Safeguarding Confidentiality

Honouring the confidentiality of our service users is a manifestation of our foundational values of care and compassion at Provide Community. We consider any allegation of sharing confidential information seriously. If anyone is found discussing sensitive incidents or investigations openly, causing distress, we encourage reporting to the designated Freedom to Speak Up champions immediately.

Eliminating bad practice

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our service users is paramount in fulfilling Provide Community’s mission. We consider behaviours like inappropriate restraint and isolating individuals unacceptably harmful. If anyone witnesses such malpractices, we emphasise the importance of reporting to ensure immediate rectification.

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At Provide, speaking up is not about allocating blame or feeling shame; it’s about upholding our values of care, innovation, and compassion. Every individual has the freedom, and is encouraged, to speak up against any behaviour that contradicts the essence of Provide Community.

In a world where the noise can be overwhelming, we strive to be a beacon of comfort and understanding, where every voice is heard, and every concern is addressed. By doing so, we reinforce our commitment to creating a world where care, compassion, and innovation transcend in every aspect of our lives, moulding a brighter and more empathetic future.