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Our History

At Provide Community, we’ve been on a journey of compassion, care, and innovation for over a decade, consistently expanding our horizons into new markets to ensure stability and growth. Our evolution has been driven by a commitment to excellence, as we’ve grown from a single entity to a robust group of companies dedicated to enhancing wellbeing across various sectors.

Our Journey

Our story began within the NHS as Central Essex Community Services. In 2011, we transitioned into a Community Interest Company (CIC) as part of a government initiative to separate the commissioning and provider roles within local NHS providers. In September 2013, we embraced a new identity as ‘Provide’, a name that reflected our commitment to delivering high-quality, effective, and safe services. This change marked a significant milestone in our journey, allowing us to solidify our vision, mission, and values. Then, in 2021, we evolved again to become ‘Provide Community’. This latest transformation not only reaffirmed our dedication to unparalleled care but also deepened our focus on community engagement and support. It aligns more closely with our evolving role and the growing needs of the communities we serve, symbolising our ongoing commitment to innovation, compassion, and excellence in community healthcare.

Community-Centric Evolution

As a CIC, we exist to serve, with every surplus diligently reinvested into the services we offer and the communities we touch. We’ve been a supporting pillar for local charities, organisations, and community groups, reinvesting over £4.5 million through grants and match funding over the last decade.

Empowering Transformations

Every individual in our workforce is a pivotal cog in the machinery that drives the services our partners, patients, and communities depend on. We are an assembly of passionate individuals, working relentlessly to transform lives through our core values of care, innovation, and compassion every day.

Provide Community is more than an organisation; it’s a living, breathing entity, agile and innovative, fuelled by the relentless passion and commitment of our colleagues. We are on a continuous journey, evolving and expanding our reach, our services, and our positive impacts, contributing to the transformative journey of every life we touch.

A Commitment to Community and Care

As we stand on the cusp of the future, we reflect on our journey and look forward with unwavering commitment to continue growing, innovating, and caring. Our hands are extended and our minds are tuned to the needs and hopes of the communities we serve.