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Who We Are – Essex, East Anglia, Dorset and northern England

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Welcome to Provide Community, where compassion meets innovation in the pursuit of community wellness. As a community interest company, we are committed to enhancing lives with high-quality care, driven by the collective spirit and dedication of our employee owned organisation.

Nurturing Community Wellness with Compassion and Innovation

Welcome to Provide Community, a flourishing community interest company (CIC) where care, innovation, and compassion are the pillars that fortify our foundation. We are committed to offering high-quality care and support across Essex, East Anglia, Dorset and northern England.

A Community of Care

As a employee owned CIC, we ensure that every surplus profit is channelled back to amplify the quality and reach of our diverse range of health and social care services. We are devoted to fostering a robust community, harmoniously blending care and innovation to serve those using our services.

Making Wellness Accessible

Our commitment to delivering safe, responsive, and top-quality services sees us operating from a wide range of community settings such as community hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, primary care settings, and in people’s homes. We also extend our care through online services, making wellness accessible to all.

Empowerment and Engagement

We take pride in being an employee owned CIC, where every colleague is a key player in shaping decisions and sculpting models of working that reinforce our core values throughout the organisation. By placing employee engagement at the heart of our venture, we cultivate social value and foster a sense of shared responsibility and communal growth.

Innovation with Compassion

With an income of approximately £96 million, our aim is to invest more, innovate more, and care more, aiming to elevate the wellbeing and lives of the communities we support. Our pursuit is to be a provider of innovative solutions, striving continuously to redefine community-based healthcare.

Values that Guide Us

Our Journey at Provide Community is deeply rooted in three fundamental values: Care, Innovation, and Compassion. These principles aren’t just a part of what we do; they are the essence of our identity. These values are the pillars that strengthen our resolve and guide our actions, ensuring we consistently make a meaningful impact in the communities we proudly serve.