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Our Culture

Our Vision, Mission
and Values

‘At Provide Community, our mission is to ‘transform lives through care, innovation, and compassion. It is the investments we make in our vibrant people, our compassionate practices, and our collaborations with organisations within the NHS and the broader care sector, that fuel us to uphold our promise of delivering unparalleled care, relentless innovation, and boundless compassion, even as the terrains of healthcare landscape shift and evolve.’

Mark Heasman
Group Chief Executive


At Provide Community, our vision is to be a beacon of transformation and excellence in health and social care. We are committed to enriching lives and strengthening communities through our innovative, empathetic, and comprehensive approach. Our goal is to be at the forefront of creating a healthier, more connected society, where every individual has access to the care and support they need to thrive.

As a forward-thinking, employee owned community interest company, we embody a spirit of innovation and a dedication to excellence in health and social care. Our team, comprised of driven and compassionate individuals, is steadfast in our mission to transform lives.
We achieve this by fostering a culture of care and continuous learning, always innovating to respond proactively to the diverse and changing needs of our communities.
We strive to enhance every aspect of community life, not just through high-quality care, but also by embracing advancements and partnerships that drive positive transformations. This holistic approach ensures that our impact is broad, deep, and resonates with the diverse needs of those we serve, reflecting our unwavering commitment to improving lives in every way possible.



Our values guide us to deliver excellence and profoundly touch lives in every aspect of our work. They guide our every action, and drive our commitment to deliver outstanding services. Central to this is our approach to care, where compassion and empathy are paramount, ensuring that every individual feels heard, valued, and supported. Embracing innovation, we harness technology and pioneering ideas to improve every aspect of our work. Our innovative spirit is integral to our identity, ensuring we continually adapt, improve, and lead with excellence in all our pursuits.