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Our Governors

Our Governors

We are an employee owned Community Interest Company, with a unique membership structure that empowers every employee to have a say in our direction and governance.

Our Council of Governors, who are colleagues from all areas of the Provide Community Group, represent the views of our Members to the Board of Directors – giving our Members a voice.

Our Council of Governors

Our Chair of Governors, accompanied by a rotating member of the Council of Governors, attends every Board meeting. This ensures that the perspectives and insights of our Members are not only acknowledged but also play a crucial role in guiding our decision-making and policy development. Their active involvement helps define our Vision, Mission, and Values, and plays a significant part in the business decisions.

We warmly invite our employees to connect with our Governors, to share thoughts, insights, and views. Every colleague’s opinion matters to us, and through our Council of Governors, their ideas find a pathway to the Board, helping us grow, evolve, and serve our colleagues and our communities better.

We believe in creating an environment where every opinion is valued, every suggestion is considered, and every voice is heard.




Jo Hesketh_Aug 2023
Jo Hesketh
Vice Chair
Nicola Yarnall_Aug 2023
Nicola Yarnall