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At Provide Community, we recognise the importance of recruiting a diverse, multi-cultural workforce and the value that this brings to our service users and colleagues alike. We value the power of difference, and support networks within our organisation that help us celebrate diversity and work towards becoming a truly inclusive company.

Our Ethnic Minority Network

Launched to champion diversity and empowerment, our Ethnic Minorities Network stands as a beacon of support and inspiration for colleagues at Provide Community.

We aim to:

  • Guarantee equal experiences and opportunities throughout our organisation.
  • Promote diversity as a driving force for innovation and growth.
  • Provide our members with a platform for their voices to be heard, ensuring representation at the highest levels.

With a designated social officer, the network also serves as a vibrant community space, encouraging connections among colleagues. It’s a place where cultural diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated, where every member’s contribution is valued and can influence positive change across our businesses.

Our Men's Network

We believe in the power of diversity and the strength that comes from different perspectives. That’s why our Men’s Network, launched in June 2023, is open to everyone. It’s not just a forum for men; it’s a community for all who wish to support male representation and wellbeing within our workforce.

Sponsored by Philip Richards, our Group Chief Financial Officer, the Men’s Network is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment. Here, members can:

  • Share personal challenges and triumphs.
  • Strive to be the best version of themselves.
  • Foster positive behavioural and attitudinal shifts in our workplace.
  • Raise awareness and encourage candid conversations about men’s health issues, including physical wellbeing, testicular cancer, mental health, and more.
Our Disability Network

In April 2023, we introduced our Disability Network, a cornerstone of our commitment to inclusivity and support for colleagues with disabilities. This network is a testament to our recognition as a Disability Confident Employer, highlighting our dedication to creating a diverse and supportive workplace.

Championed by Vicky Waldon, our Group Chief Commercial Officer, the Disability Network is more than just a support group. It’s a dynamic forum for:

  • Sharing experiences and insights, both positive and challenging.
  • Proposing innovative ideas to enhance our standing as an exemplary employer.
  • Collaborating on initiatives aimed at improving our work environment.
  • Engaging in meaningful dialogue on issues pertinent to colleagues with disabilities.

We embrace all forms of disabilities and mental health conditions and encourage non-disabled colleagues to join us as allies. Our goal is to foster change, equality, and a deeper understanding of disability issues.

Furthering our commitment, we’ve launched the ‘Health Passport’—a personal document for colleagues to communicate their health needs and workplace adjustments. It’s a tool for continuity and understanding, ensuring that every team member can thrive in their role.

Our LGBTQ+ Network

At Provide Community, we believe in creating a world where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can access healthcare without prejudice. Our LGBTQ+ Network is a testament to this belief, offering a supportive and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ colleagues to connect and share their experiences.

Here’s what defines us:

  • A commitment to inclusivity and the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • A pledge to uphold the values symbolised by the Rainbow Badge, promoting equality and support within our organisation.
  • A dedication to fostering a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, acceptance, and understanding.

Under the leadership of Stephanie Dawe, our CEO of Provide Health, the network is not just a community but a movement toward positive change. It’s a place where dialogue and education thrive, where every voice is heard, and where we work collectively to eradicate discrimination and bias.