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Our Board

At Provide Community, our leadership is more than a structure—it’s a cornerstone of our mission to enrich and empower communities with dedicated health and social care services. Our Board of Directors brings together diverse experience, insight, and heartfelt commitment to overseeing a company that truly puts people first. Approachable, responsive and deeply invested, they go beyond overseeing our strategic direction; they are active advocates for the transformative power of care, innovation and compassion.

About our Board

Our Board are a group of professionals who bring to the table a wealth of experience from various sectors, all united by a common purpose – to oversee an organisation that’s responsive to the needs of the communities we serve across East Anglia, Dorset, and Northern England.

With a clear, strategic vision, our Board ensures that we remain agile and innovative amidst the complexities of health and social care delivery. They are committed to the highest standards of governance and ethics, leading with transparency and fostering an environment where every voice is valued and every contribution matters. Our Board members are approachable, regularly engaging with our colleagues and service users, ensuring that the pulse of our company—our values of care, innovation, and compassion—resonates in every decision made, every service improved, and every life touched.

Robert Parkinson_Sep 2023
Robert Parkinson
Group Chair
Mark Heasman_Sep 2023
Mark Heasman
Group Chief Executive
Nicola Yarnall_Aug 2023
Nicola Yarnall
Chair of the Council of Governors
Lucy Wightman
Lucy Wightman
CEO Provide Health
Siobhan Morrison_Sep 2023
Siobhan Morrison
Group Chief People Officer
Philip Richards _Sep 2023
Philip Richards
Group Finance Officer
Vicky Waldon_Sep 2023
Vicky Waldon
Group Chief Commercial Officer
Sultan Taylor_Sep 2023
Sultan Taylor
Group Vice Chair
Tania Carmichael-Sitch_Sep 2023
Tania Carmichael-Sitch
Non-Executive Director
Mark Friend_Sep 2023
Mark Friend
Non-Executive Director
Julie Green_Sep 2023
Julie Green
Non-Executive Director
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