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We remain committed to generating social value in and for our communities

Mark Heasman
Group Chief Executive

Over the last ten years, Provide Community has donated over £3 million to organisations across East Anglia, Dorset, and Northern England, helping to transform lives in local communities through care, innovation, and compassion.

As an ambitious employee-owned social enterprise that continues to grow in size and influence, we invest a large proportion of our surplus in ways that benefit our colleagues, service users and the wider community.

We understand how difficult it can be to walk back into the world of work after a long break, which is why we always aim to help our volunteers find paid work by providing professionally recognised training programmes, a mentoring programme and access to a wide range of career opportunities.

Working with Local Universities

Provide Community has a strong ongoing partnership with the University of Essex and has contributed £877,500 to other local universities to support student bursaries, graduate development schemes and community-based research.

We have created ten volunteer places each year for students completing the Public Health Degree in Anglia Ruskin University to have practical experience of working with the broad range of people who use our services. This experience has improved employment opportunities and helped us to gain greater insight into our sexual health and elderly services from student research.

Helping Local Communities

Protecting the health and wellbeing of those in our local communities is our biggest priority, and we continue to support charitable organisations to help us to achieve this. The donations Provide Community have made to these organisations include:

£49,000 through our partnership with Anglia Ruskin University
£45,000 to organisations providing support for people affected by a stroke
£63,904 to organisations that are directly supporting people with dementia in our local communities