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Innovation begins with a spark of creativity. As a forward-thinking group of companies, we cherish the insights and innovations from all our colleagues across the board. We’re keen to explore every idea, whether it’s a groundbreaking product or a novel service concept. We encourage proposals from all areas, not just health or social care, as long as they’re daring and hold potential for tangible benefits.

We’re always looking for bold ideas!

Innovation is the heartbeat of our group. We thrive on the fresh ideas and creative thinking of our colleagues, which is why we’ve established our internal Innovation Tree process. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture where every voice has the potential to spark change.
Our colleagues are encouraged to share their visions, whether they’re related to digital technology, service improvements, or groundbreaking new approaches to care. We believe that the best ideas often come from those who are closest to the challenges we face every day.

Through the Innovation Tree, we provide a structured pathway for our colleagues to submit their ideas, ensuring they have the support and resources to explore and develop them further. It’s just one of the ways we ensure that innovation remains at the forefront of our mission to deliver exceptional health and social care services.

‘I am thrilled about the culture of innovation we’re cultivating here at Provide Community. Our teams are rich with creative spirit, and I have every confidence that this will lead to groundbreaking ideas. These innovations have the potential not only to expand our business but also to empower our colleagues to realise their concepts and share in the success that their ingenuity brings.’

Vicky Waldon
Chief Commercial Officer