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Learning Disability And Autism

Learning Disability
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We have a vision, and that vision is for people with a learning disability, and or autism, to have equal opportunities to live safe and healthy lives.

Show You Know

Launched in May 2021, Provide Community’s ‘Show You Know’ initiative has delivered specialist training to more than 1,000 of our healthcare colleagues, giving them the necessary training to care for and support those with neurodiverse needs in the best way possible.

With some 27,330 individuals currently living with a learning disability in Essex, we believe it is our duty to create a culture where they can lead long and happy lives supported by people who are well trained and compassionate.

All colleagues who have completed the training will be wearing a ‘Suzy the Hedgehog’ badge, which has been designed to demonstrate their awareness of the objectives set by Provide Community as part of the initiative.

Meet Our Mascot

Meet Suzy the Hedgehog, Provide Community’s mascot for its ‘Show You Know’ initiative. As a diverse and inclusive organisation, we wanted to involve our service users as much as possible with the initiative, which is why we welcomed design entries from all users for the campaign’s logo.

We received hundreds of entries, which were shortlisted into just three before being sent to service users and carers for a final vote. Suzan Docksey, a resident at one of our Supported Living homes, created ‘Suzy the Hedgehog’, which we’re hoping will become a nationally recognised symbol of learning disability and autism awareness.

Our Mission

As an employee-owned company, we value the thoughts and opinions of all our colleagues across the organisation. We worked closely with carers and colleagues who support those with neurodiverse needs to develop a new strategy for providing the best care possible. It soon became clear that transitions were the most challenging time for young adults moving through our support services, which is why we identified the need for an expert in this area to support both our colleagues and their patients. Our focus is to improve our services by promoting good health and wellbeing for service users living with learning disability, and or autism.