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Empowering Voices: “I Have a Voice” Initiative Relaunched During Learning Disability Week with New Updates

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  • Empowering Voices: “I Have a Voice” Initiative Relaunched During Learning Disability Week with New Updates
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The “I Have a Voice” initiative, an essential platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism, has received significant updates in alignment with Learning Disability Week. Launched in 2021 by Provide Community, this initiative has now been revitalised to further support and engage the community it serves.

The refreshed website,, offers an enhanced user experience, ensuring accessibility and ease of navigation for all users. The platform continues its mission to share personal stories and experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and awareness of learning disabilities and autism.

Provide Community’s Learning Disability Champions, a group made up of colleagues from across the organisation, play a crucial role in this initiative. Representing each service within Provide Community, these champions advocate for reasonable adjustments and support tailored to individuals’ needs. By sharing their experiences, they help to highlight the challenges and triumphs of those living with learning disabilities and autism, aiming to inspire change and promote inclusivity.

In a move to further accommodate individuals requiring additional support, Provide Community has updated their appointment letters. These now clearly state the availability of reasonable adjustments, emphasising the organisation’s commitment to accessibility and personalised care.

A Learning Disability Champion at Provide Community, said: “We believe that everyone deserves to be heard and understood. Our goal with ‘I Have a Voice’ is to create a platform where individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism can share their stories, raise awareness, and drive positive change within our community,

“The Learning disabilities champions are continually looking at innovative ideas to improve positive experiences for everyone who uses Provide Community services.”

Visit today to explore the updated platform, learn more about the experiences of individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism, and discover how you can support this vital initiative. Join us in celebrating Learning Disability Week and help us amplify these important voices.

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