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Daniel Flint

Our Governors

Daniel Flint

Information Systems Developer

Your career

I used to work as an optician while studying and then progressed to a Database Developer working on the Sun £9.50 holidays. Since then, I’ve worked at a Business Intelligence and Reporting company working with the NHS, until I finally began my job at Provide.

When did you become a governor?

I became a governor in November 2021.

Why did you choose to become a governor?

I joined the company during the early pandemic and started working completely remotely so I never got to see how the company operated and felt isolated from the culture. I enjoy working for Provide and wanted to get involved as much as I could. Meeting and engaging with colleagues across the entire company, helped me understand the issues being faced and approach them with a technical mindset.

What do you hope to achieve during your time as a governor?

I hope that during my time as a governor, I will have the opportunity to make the working environment for staff the best it can be.

Any interesting facts about you? E.g. hobbies, passions, interests

I have a master’s degree in Marine Ecology and have a passion for birdwatching and scuba diving.