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Nisha Desai

Our Governors

Nisha Desai

Assistant Clinical Director Pharmacy and Medicines

Your career

I started my career as a community pharmacist and worked for Boots for 11 years. Having achieved managerial status; I felt that there was more to Pharmacy and embarked on a mission to review different career paths, having completed a year-long secondment in a Primary Care Trust (PCT). By doing this, I was able to expand my networks which then led me to be one of the first Boots Clinical Pharmacists working in a GP Practice.

I was involved in a car accident in August 2000 which then required me to rethink my career as I had suffered moderate back injuries. To support my rehabilitation; I left Boots and looked for part-time locum jobs to support my recovery. My first exposure to community services was working as a clinical pharmacist in a community hospital which then led me to work for another PCT as a Community Health Service Pharmacist. I had at last found a passion for pharmacy which has led me to where I am today.

When did you become a governor?

I joined the governors in October 2017

Why did you choose to become a governor?

Having just started the Nye Bevan Leadership programme, we were challenged to be brave and make a difference. The key principles we first learnt about were how Equality, Diversity and Inclusion play a huge part in our success and to be an influential leader we need to connect to the whole and take people with us. I saw an opportunity here, as at the time the governor representation was not diverse, and I felt that I could bring something to the table and start to influence some of the thinking via the governors. I also felt this would support Provide, and our members who were less represented, to have a voice.

What do you hope to achieve during your time as a governor?

I hope to be able to connect with our members, governors and the Board and influence organisational strategy. I would also like to influence the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda with the view that this will enable us to reach out to broad and diverse groups and charities, which will demonstrate our inclusivity.

Any interesting facts about you? E.g. hobbies, passions, interests

I have a keen interest in alternative medicine and am keen to understand how “food can be our medicine.” I am also looking at completing a Reiki course over the next year. I love Pilates and have enjoyed advancing in this form of exercise (this was a lifesaver for me and enabled me to get back to work after my accident). On another note, my husband is a Martial artist. He won the World title back in 2000 and now teaches martial arts and I have to say I am (not) a very willing opponent when he wants to practice new techniques and moves.