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Jagdeep Sira

Our Governors

Jagdeep Sira

Community Health Specialist Pharmacist

Your career

I have been a qualified pharmacist for nine years and in that time, I worked in community pharmacy roles in various settings and as an Area Manager Support Pharmacist. I moved to Essex five years ago and since joining Provide I have gained experience in hospitals and procurement settings. My role at Provide requires me to work across all services in the organisation, and function as a Medication Safety Officer.

When did you become a governor?

I became a Provide governor in November 2021.

Why did you choose to become a governor?

I chose to become a governor to be the voice of services and raise any concerns that any individuals may have. Having worked with many different teams and settings, I have become a familiar face for services to approach and talk to.

What do you hope to achieve during your time as a governor?

Before I became a governor, I didn’t know what the role involved. However, since I have joined my mindset has changed and I want to raise awareness of the work our governors do and how they can support staff within our services.

Any interesting facts about you? E.g. hobbies, passions, interests

I enjoy hiking and exploring new destinations across the globe. My husband is the type of person who says, ‘we can walk there’ which has made me appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors. I also love to try all kinds of food, from fancy brunches to street market stalls.

A big part of my faith is to do ‘seva’ whether this is in the form of charitable work or helping to feed the local community or local gurdwara.