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Joelle Leilich

Our Governors

Joelle Leilich

Contracts and Supply Chain Manager

Your career

I did a degree in Hotel Management at the University of Essex, but after falling ill with Myasthenia Gravis (Neurological Auto-immune condition) I had to leave hospitality, due to the physical demands. After taking a year off work to recover, I started with Provide as an external agency admin and I fell in love with Provide. I then moved around using the Workforce Solutions team, before settling into the IT department. I never thought of myself as someone who works in IT services, but I love the team and the work.

When did you become a governor?

I first became a governor in the November of 2021

Why did you choose to become a governor?

Provide helped me a lot with regaining my confidence after being off work due to sickness. They were very flexible with hours and duties and gave me the opportunities to develop myself further. I now want to pay this back, as I think Provide is a great company to work for.

What do you hope to achieve during your time as a governor?

I would like to help Provide become one big company that works together through internal collaborations, rather than a lot of separate departments so that we can all feel part of one team.

Any interesting facts about you? E.g. hobbies, passions, interests

I moved to the UK from Germany when I was 15 years old. I particularly enjoy origami and crochet, and during University I competed in a national archery competition during my first year and won a gold medal, but I never got the physical medal!