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Nurturey PinkBook: The digital twin of the NHS Red Book launches in Dorset

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  • Nurturey PinkBook: The digital twin of the NHS Red Book launches in Dorset
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Dorset parents can now access the Nurturey PinkBook, the digital twin to the NHS Red Book, following its successful launch on Thursday 14 September 2023.

The PinkBook offers digital access to the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR), commonly known as the Red Book, directly on users’ iPhone or Android phones.

This digital advancement in Dorset is made possible through a collaboration between Nurturey and Provide Community.

Developed by Nurturey, a leading maternity and child health management platform with over 200,000 downloads, the PinkBook is hailed as the smartest digital evolution to the traditional NHS Red Book. Nurturey’ platform is fully integrated with NHS, and is approved, assured, and regulated by NHS England.

Expectant mothers can simply download the app and sign up with their NHS login. No activation from a GP or midwife is required, as the PinkBook configures itself automatically.

Once the baby arrives, the system will seamlessly establish the child’s PinkBook (digital NHS red book) without any manual intervention. As the child’s vaccinations and check-ups are conducted, the updates will be instantly reflected in the PinkBook.

The app’s core features including tracking measurements, vaccinations, milestones, dental and vision health. Furthermore, the system provides trusted NHS health guidance, reminders and alerts (e.g. upcoming vaccination due date alerts) throughout the parenting journey.

Tushar Srivastava, Founder and CEO of Nurturey PinkBook, said: “Dorset is our starting point, marking a significant milestone in the history of digital childcare developments in the country.

“It is important to note that the physical NHS Red Book isn’t going anywhere! Health professionals will continue to maintain records as usual. The Nurturey PinkBook serves as a digital complement to the existing system, offering parents a convenient way to view health records digitally.”

While the Nurturey PinkBook is primed for a nationwide rollout, it awaits the final approval from the NHS. Meanwhile, the digital revolution in child health record management has already taken root in Dorset.

How to download the app?
a) NHS Dorset app library:
b) Android:
c) iOS:

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